The Earth Scorched

Archaeology of Violence (Pexla)

Situated in a strategic route between San Maria Nebaj and San Juan Cotzal, the village of Pexla was the target of a series of massacres and recurrent atrocities perpetrated by state forces. The CEH documented multiple military offensives in Pexla: September 1981 (16705)16, November 1981 (16707)17, and at least two in February 1982, when more than one hundred people were killed, several houses were destroyed, and survivors were reportedly deported to the military base of Nebaj (3318)18.

The case of Pexla is exemplary of the tactics used by military units, who often returned several times to the same village in order to terrorize the population and destroy houses and fields.

The red dots mark some of the destroyed structures documented and visited by Forensic Architecture in December 2011. The dense urbanization marked within the red shape is the new settlement built by the military in the early 1980s. 


    Archaeology of Violence (Pexla)

    Locations of buried destroyed structures in relation to the rebuilt village of Pexla.